Evan Edwards – Allergy relief with Intelliject

Evan Edwards

As children, Evan Edwards and his twin brother, Eric, were diagnosed with allergies so severe that they were required to keep EpiPens on them at all times. It was an experience that led them to found Intelliject to develop products that are portable and easy-to-use by both patients and untrained individuals in an emergency.

“If you look at the medtech industry, there’s been a huge gap in relation to designing drug delivery products for the end user,” Edwards says. “More and more products are becoming personalized; medicine is getting out of the hospital, out of the doctor’s office and into the users’ hands.”

Intelliject is currently moving forward with its flagship product, e-cue, which is designed for treating severe allergies and anaphylaxis. Edwards credits his various mentors and the team assembled at Intelliject for getting him to this point so quickly. “At 32 years old I’ve been very blessed to have the management team and the team around us,” he says. “My biggest mentor is our leadership team at Intelliject, CEO Spencer Williamson, [but] it’s hard to just pick one. My professors [at the University of Virginia], in particular within human factors, Mike Gorman, Larry Richards, and Stephanie Guerlain really believed in us pursuing this idea and the company and gave us the flexibility to work on it outside of academia.”

As a member of the University of Virginia Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, Edwards urges young people like himself to look toward medtech and for the medtech industry to continue embracing them. “More and more students are becoming entrepreneurs, and it’s driving innovation earlier,” he says. “You’re working on something that can truly impact patient lives. And you’re also going into an industry that is very stable.”

Originally appeared in Medical device and Diagnostic Industry News.